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Edward Blackmon, Jr.

Attorney Edward Blackmon, Jr. is a graduate of Tougaloo College, with a B.A. Degree in Political Science. He attended The George Washington University Law Center in Washington, D.C. where he received his Juris Doctorate in Law. In 1989, Attorney Blackmon and his wife, Barbara Blackmon, formed the Law Firm of Blackmon & Blackmon in Canton, Mississippi, where he presently serves as the Firm’s Senior Partner.

Attorney Blackmon has extensive experience in personal injury, product liability and defense litigation. The firm’s civil defense clients read like a “Who’s Who” among corporate America.

Attorney Blackmon has extensive experience in criminal law defense. During a 20 year period involving more than 50 defense trials, Attorney Blackmon did not lose a single case.

Attorney Blackmon has been involved in some of the largest verdicts ever returned by a Mississippi jury on behalf of Plaintiffs. He also likewise successfully represented Fortune 100 and 500 Corporate Defendants in complicated litigation involving business torts, commercial disputes, banking and white collar defense.

Blackmon is a 40 year member of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Attorney Blackmon has served as Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, President of the Magnolia Bar Association, and is presently an emeritus trustee of Tougaloo College’s Board of Trustees. Attorney Blackmon was named by the National Law Journal as one of the Nation’s Top 10 Litigators in 2002 and 2013.

Among Attorney Blackmon’s many achievements in his role as a public servant, he is most proud of his work as a State Legislator in redistricting the State’s Legislative districts and judicial districts to increase the number of minority representatives in each of those offices.

Attorney Blackmon and his wife, and law partner, Barbara, are celebrated for their philanthropic services in the area of education. They have made substantial financial contributions to their alma maters, Tougaloo College and Jackson State University, as well as to numerous other institutions and individual students seeking to advance themselves through higher education.

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