Product Liability

Product Liability

The law of product liability is an area of personal injury law that allows a claim or lawsuit to be brought by a person who was injured by a dangerously defective product. Pursuant to Mississippi law, any person or entity in the stream of commerce from the manufacturer of the product down to its retailer can be held liable for injuries and damages that were caused by a dangerously defective product that injured a consumer. Blackmon & Blackman PLLC in Canton, Mississippi, represents injured users of products throughout the state.

Types of Product Liability

As per Mississippi law, a product can be dangerously defective in one of three ways. Those follow:

Strict Product Liability Law

Strict liability can apply in the law of product liability. A person who is injured by a dangerously defective product can recover compensation for his or her injuries and damages without being availed to the defenses that can be raised in a negligence case. This can be advantageous for a product liability victim.

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