Fault: How is it Determined in Mississippi?

Fault: How is it Determined in Mississippi?

stressed drivers near broken cars after accidentThe aftermath of an automobile collision can be perplexing due to the numerous complexities involved. While other jurisdictions use a no-fault system, Mississippi has a fault-based insurance system. This is considered conventional when filing for compensation.

When it comes to assessing culpability in car accidents involving only one or two vehicles, it might be difficult enough. It might be tough to determine if a motorist, automobile part, or government agency was negligent in causing the incident. When many cars are involved, it can be even more baffling to identify who caused the car accident.

That is why you should hire a car accident lawyer in Mississippi. We have expertise examining culpability at Blackmon & Blackmon PLLC and have in-depth knowledge of Mississippi car accident laws. Our Jackson area car accident attorneys are prepared to fight for you and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Mississippi Car Fault Laws

The comparative negligence system is used to determine culpability in an automobile collision. This complicates assessing culpability in a multi-vehicle collision since each party may be somewhat responsible for what transpired in the chain reaction. Only one driver was sometimes held accountable, since they were the only ones whose recklessness caused accidents involving other cars.

However, if one of the primary drivers was irresponsible, but several of the other drivers were careless in minor ways that contributed to the incident, they would be regarded to be partially responsible. This can be tough if you were inattentive at the time of the accident, since it may imply that you were also at fault.

If you were driving as safely as possible and were not to blame for the multi-vehicle crash, it’s critical to have a Mississippi car accident lawyer on your side to ensure your rights are protected and the relevant parties are held responsible. Let’s take a look at the many tools your attorneys will utilize to determine who was to blame for the crash.

What Factors Influence Fault Determination?

As previously said, determining culpability is difficult, especially when more than two automobiles are involved in the incident. Here are some of the methods a lawyer would use to assess who was at fault and how much they contributed to the multi-vehicle crash in which you were involved:

Police reports

A police report is not only an important legal procedure after an accident that causes the damage of more than $500, loss of life or injuries, but it also gives an impartial summary of what transpired immediately after the event. Witnesses, testimonials and other pieces of evidence that they feel are at responsibility for the collision are all included in police reports.

Statements of witnesses

Eyewitnesses can tell what they saw and how the crash occurred. This will be critical in assessing culpability. You will be among the witnesses who must be interviewed in order to provide an objective account of what occurred.

Damage to vehicles

The damage done to your car and others can assist specialists to reconstruct what happened, which will help determine who was to blame.

Documented injuries

The wounds are also very critical in evaluating the overall accidental situation. It will also aid professionals in determining what occurred and who was responsible for the damage.

Photographs of the incident

When there are pictures of the site, it can help your attorneys to figure out the situation and evaluate who was responsible for the collision or who was jointly at fault for the accident.

Additional evidence

Other evidence from the crash, such as camera recordings, traffic signal timings or weather reports can provide a more complete picture of what occurred.

You should not have to cope with all of this alone. That is why having a free accident lawyer consultation by Blackmon & Blackmon PLLC on your side might be advantageous.

How can a Jackson area car accident attorney help?

Before speaking with the other driver’s insurance company, be sure you have access to the Jackson area car accident lawyer. Insurance companies are frequently eager to employ various strategies to take the benefit of your rights when you’re in a vulnerable position, and you need robust counsel to offer you a voice.

Besides that, we also know that Mississippi uses comparative blame, so your multi-vehicle collision might rapidly become difficult. That is why you should not have to cope with all of this without the assistance of a free auto lawyer consultation. Blackmon & Blackmon PLLC is here to guide you through the legal process and preserve your rights. We’ll figure out who caused this crash and hold them accountable for their behavior. You will then be able to receive the compensation you are due for your damages and losses.

You can contact Blackmon & Blackmon PLLC car accident attorney in Mississippi to schedule consultation.

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