Is Mississippi a No Fault State?

Is Mississippi a No Fault State?

two men arguing after a car accident on the roadDrivers causing accidents in Mississippi must pay damages to affected parties through their insurance coverage. If you got injured, under Mississippi car accident laws, one can claim total compensation from drivers who caused the accident, and their insurance providers will pay for:

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Mississippi is an At Fault State

Mississippi is not a no-fault state, it is an “at-fault state”.

What does it mean?

When a driver causes a car accident in Mississippi, the driver is at fault for the accident unless they can prove that someone else was responsible for the accident. If a driver is at fault for causing an accident, they will be responsible for paying damages (i.e. medical bills, lost wages, insurance, etc.) to another involved party in the accident.

Mississippi Car Accident Laws

About the Mississippi Code Section 63-3-411, drivers of vehicles involved in an accident must immediately or as fast as possible report the incident if:

If the accident occurs within an incorporated municipality, the driver must inform the local police department about the accident. Nevertheless, if the crush happens outside an incorporated city, report it to the nearest Mississippi Highway Patrol station or sheriff’s office.

Liability Insurance Coverage

On January 1, 2001, the law in Mississippi requires all drivers to have liability insurance and a card showing the same kept inside their vehicles at all times. Liability coverage compensates for injuries inflicted on another person or damaged property due to an accident in which you are the cause. A person who incurs any loss or damage to property or suffers any bodily harm can proceed to:

An automobile liability insurance under Mississippi requires minimum coverage of:

It is worth noting that vehicle owners in Mississippi can post a bond in identical amounts, deposit security, or make an equal monetary deposit to ascertain financial responsibility.

Liability coverage, however, does not apply to one’s own damage to property or injuries to oneself after the accident; one will need to cover for the same.

Driving without any proof of insurance could lead to a fine, suspension of a driving license for up to a year or until one is appropriately insured, or even charged in court.

How an Attorney Can Help

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